Retain Good Tenants to Retain Good Business

It is not only just getting the tenants payment that the condo property rental goes. As a condo property owner, you must know that there are techniques that you can follow to ensure that good tenants will stay longer as they could. Though collecting payments is your primary goal with this business, you should have techniques that would let your condo tenants think that they are important. Without having good tenants, there will be no good business. Your condo especially The Opus Condo, in the end, could be a useless property if tenants could not stay anymore. It is better to have good track record of being a good landlord.

How to keep good tenants for your condo property?

Looking for good tenants is somehow like finding an employee that would be good for you. You need to make sure that they are responsible for paying the rent on time. But how are you going to keep it going?

Cool ways that would make your tenants good enough.

By establishing techniques on how to retain good and loyal tenants, surely your condo property is in the right track. Giving freebies, courtesy of your goodwill to create long-lasting tenant-owner relationship, would be a great start. Freebies such as pillows or food are not bad at all! Anything that you think can be used inside the condo property can be a good choice of giving freebies to them.

Other technique that you could establish is showing flexibility on other rules that you may want to impose inside the property. For example, you are not fine with tenants partying so late at night within the property, then be considerate if it is a celebration of a very important day of their life like birthdays or holiday like Christmas. This is a good way of showing positive attitude to your tenant.

Keep tenants as good as they are.

Tenants can be retained for as long as they are good. But there are still possibilities that they can go bad. Why? Probably could be because of how they are being treated by their landlords. If this can be resolved immediately, misunderstanding can be avoided. At first, let the tenants know your rules and flexibility. Make sure that they understand this the first time they are going to accept all the terms and conditions. This is also to keep you safe from the tenants that could not follow your rules, even you have offered various options or freebies just to keep them.

Good tenants can be good as they are, and they can be as always. It could only go wrong if there are emergencies that they need to sacrifice their payment for the rent. In that case, paying back to a good tenant is not bad enough. Show them that paying any amount or extending the deadline is the help that you can offer, at least for the emergency that they are having. This would absolutely make them a more responsible and good tenant that you should keep for your condo property.