The Tech Heads Need To Make It Simple For the Average Human

The tech-heads need to create new software that produces obtaining information and collective communication a simple process for the typical human.

Being the total opposite to a specialized person, it is hard to imagine future Internet software advances. The techno-humans have produce incredible ideas and subsequently their ideas have come to fruition. It looks like anything an individual puts their mind to may be done. Our species has come such a considerable ways, but Personally i think the key to another part inside our evolution of technology and consciousness would be to integrate the ideas of the typical person. Who do we build all this technology for anyway? I think it’s designed for humans to really have a better life. It’s time and energy to start making the technological advances in computing with the non-computer-based people of the world in mind. A popular American journalist Sidney J. Harris once said,

“The true danger is not that computers will start to think like men, but that men will start to think like computers.”

Computer and Internet specialists have to understand they’ve gone so deep to their fields they now can’t see what the computer world looks prefer to a newcomer like myself. All this techno-jargon and a huge selection of various kinds of software could be very overwhelming to a standard person who just really wants to take part in this new means of getting together with reality and society.

We’ve surely got to simplify if we want this awesome force to be incorporated into our lives in its highest form. I am aware the Internet is growing at an incredible rate already. One only needs to look at the example of India to start to see the incredible mark Information Technology has made. You are able to go into a little village that looks relatively just like it’s been for fifty years; the typical infrastructure is shocking: broken traffic lights, decrepit buildings, power lines splaying out in chaotic patterns. But, something big has changed; each town now includes a satellite dish, and an ISP connection (Internet Service Provider)! This is truly amazing. However I believe it is only the beginning of a fresh revolution that may arrive whenever we simplify the data and communication processes.

So what’s the special answer to the sacred question? Well, I haven’t got all of the ideas, but I am aware of six billion human souls available who I’m sure would have an opinion if you asked them. Uncover what people want and need. Recently I wrote articles how great it could be if we could get our News from multiple sources rather than the one-to-many, top-down structure that feeds us so much negativity today. An opportunity to only read relevant News to the individual’s liking also sounds like a great project to take on. Wouldn’t additionally it be great if we could communicate easily with others of similar interests? E.g.: Finding the blogs and websites that interest us and never having to look for days on end to see them!

They’re just a couple ideas the software masters could approach to really make the new revolution of collective consciousness and independent thinking a reality. I really believe the Internet could function as the gate of entry in to a new dimension for the typical citizen of Earth, a dimension that thrives on the sharing of knowledge from multiple perspectives, communication that involves everyone, and incredible access to people who you’ve always desired to meet. Seriously people, let’s get with the program! Humans certainly are a resilient, powerful race of creatures; it’s time and energy to duplicate all this energy we’ve placed into producing technology and put it into making it easily used by the masses for positive means. The plant has grown in to a tall healthy tree, now it’s time and energy to harvest the fruit of most our labor.