New Residential Flat Development – Avenue South Residence

The Bukit Merah URA master program will enriched the maintained the historical precincts and heritage buildings. New residential developments will be injected into the property for households who like living in Bukit Merah neighbourhood. Having a nicely complete selection of amenities, the area will be able to relish and their demands will be fulfilled. These include the brand new residential home, stores and libraries, sports facilities, community center, parks and schools. The master program is guarantee a better living for households residing in the Bukit Merah estate, better access in transportation network to commercial property and business parks within the town.

Outram Park MRT

Within the region of Outram Park station, there are lots of shophouses with range of cafe and stores. Nearby the channel, there’s Singapore General Hospital where taxpayers residing in Avenue South Residence Outram condominium is going to be convenient at travelling to work for medical checkup.

Tiong Bahru Market

Is one of earliest and the best choices hawker center with a broad variety of yummy food options. The place was opened and popular in 1951 as Seng Poh Road Market, called after the very first Chinese Municipal Commissioner, Tan Seng Poh. The marketplace was constructed to hold many street hawkers and also to functioned the fast growing community in Tiong Bahru estate.The”temporary” marketplace was older and in need of repair. From the 1970s, the older marketplace was taken thought to be reconstruct, the authorities had plans to enlarge the marketplace at a better state in dining at the hawker.

The old economy was siphoned into a single-storey building using a triangular design with over one entrances for your community to get. The marketplace was formally called Lim Liak Street Hawker Centre (Block 84A), once the entire market was revived in 1993, it had been renamed Tiong Bahru Market.The long enduring with historic value has come to be one of those highlight spot in Singapore. Residents of Avenue South Residence will certainly love dining in this fantastic location.


UOL Group is one of Singapore’s top public-listed property firms with a superb history within their growth portfolio. UOL has consistently strongly believes in creating excellence and excellent house, to enhance the quality lifestyle of their occupants.

The current new found development, had won them the Presidential’s Design Award. UOL continue to keep true to the core principles of creating the landscaping of Singapore on fire, innovate and enhance several lifestyle of households. The prospective residents can expect superior workmanship and exquisite ending of Avenue South Residence Condo.